In the summer of 2012 three local campaign groups Trelawney Alliance at Camborne, Truro Concern and SOUL at St Austell joined with CoSERG (the Cornish Social and Economic Research Group) and other concerned individuals. Our aim was simple. We were horrified by Cornwall Councils short-sighted hyper-growth strategy which locks us into another spiral of housing and population growth.

More houses and more people is nothing new in Cornwall. Since the 1960s the built up area has more than doubled and our population has grown three times faster than England and four times faster than that of Wales. Despite this we have not solved our housing or economic problems. We think that sacrificing our countryside and destroying the things that make Cornwall special on this scale for such a meagre return is far too high a price to pay.

At the current rate of growth we are well on the road to doubling the population of Cornwall by the end of this century. We believe this is unsustainable and call for a healthier, more balanced approach to Cornwall’s future that recognises we live in a finite land and that population growth has limits.

Furthermore, there is very little public debate about this million people plus strategy. Cornwall is being sold from under our feet with no democratic debate. Do we want the place to become a developers’ paradise? Or is it time to say enough is enough? We must subject Cornwall Councils strategy to open debate. It’s our Cornwall and our children’s Cornwall and their children’s Cornwall. Its up to us to save Cornwall. No one else can.

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  1. stef

    No-one can expect to see the change they want, if they themselves don’t dare to change the way they go about trying to make it happen. Prepare to vote differently. http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=33911

  2. ally watkins

    It appears that when money is your God common sense goes out the window. Do not focus on the cash beyond protecting the product. Or simple put, Don’t cook the goose. Cornwall is capable of laying so many golden eggs????

  3. ally watkins

    its time now to put our own Councilors up please if you feel strongly stand for council and give the good Councilors some support. We need to overwhelm the council with people who can offer support and think about what is good for the whole of Cornwall. IT’S OUR CORNWALL so lets protect it.

  4. alan bendix

    I am disgusted to learn about our councillors plans for selling off all our green fields for housing ect. I really feel they should be shot ! I will be having a few very harsh words with my local one and strongly encouraging every one i know to vote them all out. utter bastards.

  5. Jacqui

    As a Londoner you may be suprised to hear there are many of us in the same boat, and we support your wishes to remain on your turf.
    Rich people buying more than one house, and investors from abroad buying property, which can also be used as a tax dodge, are pushing the prices of property out of reach of normal people. These overinflated prices ripple out across the country, and there is alot of homelessness here. I will never afford my own home.
    Good luck. In my experience its the local councils and property developers who seem to blatantly disregard the wishes of the community.

  6. VeNT

    And yet it’s STILL stupidly expensive to buy in Cornwall.
    oh but you don’t want _that_ to change, you’re quite happy sitting on your 3-400k house that no local could afford.

  7. Carla

    What amazes me is Cornwall council is struggling to with the present population and the necessary things people need to have, houses roads, health care and other things of Cornwall and yet infavour to increase the population of Cornwall which will without doubt, will increase all problems.

  8. Mr P Charnaud

    I would like to register my strong objection to 49,000 houses being built inCornwall.
    There is no doubt that there is a need for “local” housing and that should be given priority.
    However as everyone knows,and the developers are happy to ignore,as long as they get their pound of flesh,the schools hospitals,dentists etc are already at breaking point.
    The roads can only take so many cars.The A 390 into Truro (to name just one) is already carrying far more vehicles than it should be.
    Cornwall is predominently countryside,but not for much longer if the planners are allowed to destroy it.

    1. Malcolm Martyn

      These houses are not for the likes of us anyway they are for the benefit drop outs Londoners wish to be rid of. Another way to water down our culture some more. Time is fast approaching where real action and frank and open discussions will need to be the order of the day or we shall all be assimilated into England forever.

  9. Avril Evens

    We need a whole new hospital if County Hall think they can aprove this ill thought out plan for developing Cornwall, where is the employment to come from, are we going to be a vast retirement area, if so then we need more than one hospital, retirement homes, incineration plants and all the other needs with a rising elderley population. Come on Mr Kazermarak be realistic.

  10. Stef

    An argument for keeping it factual.
    Fact 1; outsiders with a need for land and economic benefit regard Cornwall as being under-used and wasted.
    Fact 2; the population of Cornwall has certain characteristics that ill-equip them to fend of the forays of would-be ‘acquisitorial’ outsiders. It is a relatively small population, and the Cornish (defined as those settled here due to an affinity with the place and the lifestyle it can offer) by nature generally tend to have values and interests different from those of the modern urban-based mainstream (including up to Government level); this renders them relatively unsophisticated and vulnerable.
    Fact 3; history shows many similar examples of places being subjected to takeover threats from numerically and tactically advantaged ‘enemies’, the most easily recognisable being North America and Tibet. Worthy, cohesive, expressive and determined as those original cultures were, they could not prevail against the mind-set and modern might of their ‘enemies’. It is dependent on one’s point of view, as to whether the historical takeover of those places has resulted in something precious being lost, or conversely something exciting and necessary being created.
    Fact 4; One of the proven ways, and sometimes the only one, for a disadvantaged opponent to disable a stronger one is for the weaker to make use of the stronger’s strength against them.
    For Cornwall to successfully repel its ‘enemies’ it needs to use the ‘enemies’ own rules; and show as vacuous, their claims that Cornwall is lagging.
    -Identify the legislation, Government guidelines and mainstream buzzwords, which are favourable to the desired Cornwall position. Sustainability, eco-friendliness, community cohesion, local identity, healthy living, etc., are just a few of the in-themes that fit easily with Cornwall’s identity.
    -Identify existing initiatives, businesses, landscapes, specifically-Cornish groups, etc., that are already delivering to target. Map these in an easily viewable, high profile, interconnected format. This will provide vital evidence by which to challenge the ‘enemy’ , boost the battle morale of the Cornish, and inform future planning.
    -Identify where there are gaps, thing that could be done better or differently, ways that Cornwall’s identity can be strengthened, and better enabled to face the challenges of ‘the mainstream’ and the future. Proactively encourage correct development; eg., by, involving and enthusing the key decision-makers, lobbying, starting co-ventures, etc.
    -Always, always, keep it evidence-based; steer away from emotive opinion, it holds no sway with the ‘enemy’. Certainly think outside the ‘mainstream’ box, and be creative, but deliver in a way that the ‘enemy’ cannot find ault with.
    How can the action points practically be implemented?
    - A web-based format would provide the greatest flexibility, accessibility, and efficiency.
    -Relevant activist groups are an obvious choice to act as catalysts.
    -People with relevant enthusiasm and skill in the fields of research, information organisation, communications, internet use, etc, will be required. Offers may come from interested parties within -or known to- the activist groups. There is a large body of students in the County, including importantly media students and environmental students; they are often looking for projects to focus their studies around; they have up-to-date internet know-how, dynamism and ideas; and ultimately the future lies with them. They should be a priority group to try and involve.
    As the project progresses, more links will be developed via the mapping exercise, and eventually, ideally, the whole community can be included.

    1. ally watkins

      i completely agree stef we have so much human resource waiting to be implemented.

    2. Colin Hastings

      Hi Stef…….I like your strategy…….and you might like to hear about a new initiative on sustaining Cornwall’s protected landscapes which I think shares many of your approaches. But how do I get in touch to share this with you. Have not posted on a website like this before and need advice as to how to get in touch direct

  11. Peter

    Don’t we need lots more houses to produce more rubbish so the incinerator doesn’t look like a white elephant?

    1. ally watkins

      lets get good councilors standing to support the incinerater fight

  12. David Brokenshire

    It is really frightening to see the proposed housing figures for future development in Cornwall, I see no mention of any increase in road development, gridlocked at peaktimes, doctors surgerys and hospitals overloaded,sewage,water systems all overloaded and most worrying of all the recent flooding. Perhaps the unlucky householders who will struggle to get house insurance can sue Cornwall Planning for irrational and irresponsible development

  13. Stephen

    More of what has not worked is not the answer! Build for need, not for greed.

  14. Stephen

    Well done in getting things moving forward with the web-site at this crucial point.

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